About Mom Snaps

Since becoming a Mom, a couple of things have happened. A) I take a lot more photos and B) I never have time for hobbies. Since I have been looking to get back into doing something for myself, I figure why not make my hobby photography? After all, it is an “unofficial” hobby right now.

So, I started a blog to post some of my better photos, or at least to me my better photos. I originally started this blog in 2009. I posted a lot of photos then let it fall off and actually lost the domain for a while. But I have a renewed interest in photography, so I got the domain again. Since starting this blog, I upgraded my camera to a Canon Rebel XTI. Someday I would even like a fancier one, but for now it works just fine.

It’s also nice to have a hobby that A) a lot of other people enjoy and share their work on the web and B) that doesn’t take up any space on my overcrowded bookshelves.

Right now my goal is to make time for photo shoots and then post the best pictures here – having a photo shoot at least once a week.

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