Hays Street Bridge

In an effort to improve my photography skills, I joined a photography group. Our first outing was to a local pedestrian bridge that overlooks the city. It was really neat. Here are some of my favorite photos.

Daughter didn’t much care for the wooden planks but did take her own photos with her tablet.

Overall we had a lovely time and plan on going back soon since we’ve heard sunset is a beautiful photo opportunity.

A Day in Boerne

Boerne (pronounced Burn-ee) Texas is one beautiful small town that is really close to us. For the last day of spring break, we took a day trip just to take in downtown and the park along the river. I was disappointed by the lack of wildflowers but must remember that Boerne is more north than we are where wildflowers are abundant already. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Link Photo Shoot

The husband is into Hirst Arts molds which are used in miniature tabletop games like Dungeon and Dragons. I found Link lying around the house and thought how perfect he would look with the dungeon tiles and on the bridge.

I hope to do more of these types of photos in the near future.


One day my daughter took her shoes off on the stairs. They looked so posed and perfect that I had to do a mini photo shoot around them.

Sometimes items just lying around the house make for the most interesting photos.