One More of Downtown

Although I took this yesterday, I wanted to share it. I thought I wouldn’t miss going downtown, but I did. Maybe I could work in that part of the city.

Tulip Opening Up

Tulip with open petals

Today I was in class all day but when I got home I noticed that some of the tulips are open. It’s something I would like to draw but probably won’t have time until the weekend, so the flower becomes the photo of a day and a reference photo later.

Majestic Box Office

A close up of the box office at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio

This week I’ve been spending some time downtown which makes starting this photo a day project easier for sure.

Reference Photos for Leaves

This past week I took some photos of leaves to use as reference photos for my drawing exercises. I thought I would share them here in case anyone is interested in having some leaf photos for their own reference.

Most of the leaves I do not know what type they are. Enjoy!

This is a Begonia. I know that much.

Elephant Ears


I believe this to be some type of Ivy.

Oak Leaf.

Highland Games

The Highland Games are taking place this weekend. Last year we went and had a good time. This year I actually took my camera and got a few pictures.

The day was overcast, so I didn’t take that many photos. Here are my favorites.

This is a Highland cattle which is a Scottish cattle breed.

I stopped and watched a spinning demonstration. I love this picture as one generation shows another one something special.

This border collie stole our hearts. He was at one booth and was just so friendly.

He would bring his toy, drop it between your feet, and then stare intently at it until you threw it for him. Then he would – more often than not – catch it in mid-air.

I should have taken more photos, but there was quite a crowd making if difficult to have moments to take pictures. I am glad I brought it as I want to get into the habit of bringing my camera with me more places. Also I picked up this tip by people watching which might be common sense to some but maybe not everyone. I always wear my camera around my neck which can get quite uncomfortable. I saw a gentleman wearing his camera over his shoulder much like how you would wear a purse. I tried this technique, and my camera was so much more comfortable and not annoying at all.

It was a fun day. Not sure what photo taking adventures will happen tomorrow, but looking forward to it.

Hays Street Bridge

In an effort to improve my photography skills, I joined a photography group. Our first outing was to a local pedestrian bridge that overlooks the city. It was really neat. Here are some of my favorite photos.

Daughter didn’t much care for the wooden planks but did take her own photos with her tablet.

Overall we had a lovely time and plan on going back soon since we’ve heard sunset is a beautiful photo opportunity.